Another's evil needs help

Friends! please help! H E L P! i almost finish my feature film "ANOTHER'S EVIL". But to finish it and to prepare in good quality for big screen and need about 2500 $ and russian crowdfinding company offered me help to collect money. They said i have to start asking help from friends.
Please go to this web-page and put there some finance.

The author film "ANOTHER'S EVIL".

Another’s evil is a social drama. Its message is the vast social differentiation currently observed in Russia: a social escalator doesn’t work so one cannot climb it up unless patronized by a high-rank person, mostly some relative. For that reason, ordinary people, even well-educated, would stop at nothing to improve their living standard, even a crime, but all in vain as only superiors are ALL MIGHTY!

This film is a cry of love for my country expressed in a counterpoint: gentle souls of the characters are revealed through their bad acts.

I really want that the film would make it to the festival in January, therefore the film production needs to be finished within the next 2 months.

As the initiator of the film production, I was in charge of the process organization and problem solving. My workday started at 7 am. Every single day I was on the run, loaded with carry-alls, searching for the required property and calling around. Around 10 pm, when a shooting day was over, I cleaned up the film set and only then got down to processing of the photoscripts and scenes.

I am a doer. Whenever I take up a film project, I implement it and make it interesting to watch. I do hope that your kind support will help me properly finalize my auter film project “ANOTHER’S EVIL”.